Dear friends of the "Sea Days"

Fun Days on the Beach for Palestinian Children – Summer 2019

The smell of spring blossoms has faded away along with the "perfume" of the elections. The world turns into directions over which we have no control.

Maybe it is a little early but we're already planning and working on the summer season of 2019.

It is going to be our 13th year and we have never asked ourselves whether to continue or not, we go on like Time proceeds to its end, or the Sea persists in reaching the shore. In these political circumstances that threaten the lives of so many Palestinians, we persist in our resistance against the occupation trying to create a different vision in which Palestinians and Israelis can meet happily, enjoy time together and maintain a spark of chance and hope.

We have been assisted by our Palestinian friends who are natural leaders in their places, and the schedule is already filled by groups of mothers and their children who look forward to enjoy the sea for the first time in their lives.

Your participation in volunteering or donating encourages our vision and works against separation, as well as barriers and checkpoints which prevent the two communities from realizing a simple human neighborly relationship of a living and breathing reality.

We have established a community which creates hope and shows a way and together we will continue and let no politics stand in our way.

We are looking forward to your support.

 A cost per day for one child is 50$, which includes  bus transportation from the different villages to Tel Aviv and back, swimming and beach activities, meals, as well as social and artistic activities in the afternoon, at a Community Center in Jaffa. As the entire operation is made possible by contributions, we depend on your generosity which will determine the number of children who will be able to enjoy the sea this season.

This year's season will be in July-August due to Ramadan which takes place in June.

We hope that the children's t happiness will be as great a source of fulfillment for you as it is for us.


Tzvia Shapira
Rachel Afek
Amira Ityel
Riki Shaked-Trainin

For donation: please click below the 'Donate'
or make a bank transfer as follow:
Bank Name: Bank Leumi
Bank Local Code: 10949
Account Name: Rachel Afek, Tzvia Shapira, Neemanut
Account Number: 18584146
IBAN: IL170109490000018584146

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